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TPL getting attention in mainstream media

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I’m speaking of Forbes with its recent article:

Not much information shared and out of these 5 stocks by far the most unique one – but it’s a good sign that TPL is entering mainsteam media and maybe soon, the public and even mainstream funds may enter TPL as an investment.

What do you think?


Flying around

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These days, TPL management is flying around quite often – check out their plane tracker. Yes, TPL has its own, small plane!

I am not sure what exactly they are using the flights for – sure it would be nice to see the oil fields from above. However, I assume it has some business reason. First I thought whether they might use it for a (secret) roadshow they seem to have right now, according to However, their flights are always within Texas, mostly between the 3 cities of Dallas, Midland, and Fort Worth.

What do you think the TPL management is using its plane for? Let me know in the comments!


New Investor Relations Head

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Seems like starting in July, we have a new spokesman, Chris Steddum:

Chris studied finance, holds an MBA from Rice University and worked at several companies in the financial sector, including Credit Suisse. He seems to really like Texas, having worked there for a long time.

Welcome, Chris, let’s hope for a good collaboration and work environment with shareholders!

Blow, you’ll find his bio from LinkedIn:


Was Warren Buffett interested in buying TPL?

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This is what a user on Seeking Alpha, Tripp11, claims. The user says he has spoken with David Barry, one of TPL’s trustees. Quote: „He […] said Warren Buffett inquired about buying the trust but called back 2 days later saying he would buy because of ‘tax reasons’“. This price was around USD 400 million, so far back in the past when TPL’s stock price was far lower.

The question remains, what tax reasons? On Buffett’s side oder on TPL’s side? Probably on TPL’s side, beausefus on Seeking Alpha says that „converting to C-Corp would conceivable solve that issue.“.

What’s your take on this? Do you think TPL fits to Warren Buffett?