Update: Is Horizon Kinetics still buying?

A few days ago, I asked why Horizon Kinetics is selling and referred to data from whalewisdom.com. Looking at another website such as Fintel, gives us a completely different picture – they appear to be buying exaclty 49 stocks every single day. Don’t ask me why it’s 49, 7 more than 42 or 7². Thanks Murray, at least one person is buying stocks back.

One thing that is strange: Looking at the exchange times and sales list, I don’t find the amount 49. Horizon’s order could have been executed with another order – I’ll keep a closer watch in the next couple of days…

How do you interpret the data? Where does the difference from Fintel and Whalewisdom come from? Let me know!

TPL times and sales list, August 7th, 2019