Finding information on TPL

Information on TPL is scare, with no analyst coverage and little interest by many institutional investors. I believe the reasons for this include little spending on advertising, which is actually a good thing – no one in the financial industry wants to sell me this stock, this immediately makes me more interested. Also, the current lack of corporate governance may turn off many institutional investors, such as pension funds, corporates, etc.

The best information sources for TPL include:
TPL website for SEC filings, annual reports, and more
Seeking Alpha, non-premium users can read user-generated reserach articles (sometimes you need to use the incognito mode of your browser) and the user-generated comments below news articles, which often include interesting information
Horizon Kinetics, by far TPL’s largest shareholder and long-term TPL investor
Mission Advisots with several posts (Part 2 and Part 3) which consolidates severeal sources
Intelligent-Investieren, a German value investing blog
TPL investor presentation
Wikipedia, of course

A few questions to you: How did you find out first about TPL? Why do you think is there so little public interest? Where do you get most of your information from? Did I miss any site?